Cluster Conversions

cluster-conversionsMost new vehicle speedometers are calibrated in both kilometers and miles to facilitate easy travel between Canada and the United States. When a vehicle permanently moves across the border it is important to have the vehicle's instrument panel cluster converted to the predominant measure. This has several benefits:

  • A new applique will indicate the proper primary units, scale, and alignment
  • The cluster will be refurbished to the destination country's OEM specifications
  • Resale value of the vehicle will be increased
  • Registering the relocation of the vehicle with General Motors can help to ensure your warranty coverage is maintained

York Electronics (YEL) is a General Motors authorized Cluster Conversion Facility. This means that the cluster conversion performed at YEL will ensure the original equipment factory warranty is maintained.

York Electronics can convert most clusters with Same Day Turnaround


Did you know?The distraction caused by having to think about your speed when driving across the border could be a safety issue.
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